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Eventerprise is a dedicated online subscription platform for the global events industry. Quite simply, we put those who are hosting an event of any kind or size in direct touch with those providing the very best in associated products, venues and services. With thousands of customers seeking a multitude of suppliers (and vice versa), Eventerprise is the one portal, with the one goal - to connect the world of events…

Create flawless events

Now anyone hosting an event can search, compare, review and connect with event suppliers on one trusted platform.


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Join a young team of peers

As a start-up, if there’s one thing we know, it’s that starting out is hard work! That’s why we understand the predicament of students and recent graduates trying to get started with their careers.


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"Add Value, Real Value"

Gotz Thumecke

Founder / CEO
"My word is my Bond"

Charlie Wright

"Take every chance and drop all fears"

Birgit Thumecke

Strategic Growth Officer

Barry Blassoples

Head of Digital
"People Deserve a better digital experience, and we"

Anthony Van Beek

Head of Web Development
"If you do not do something different today, Tomorrow will be no different to yesterday"

Shayne Proctor

Head of Global Talent Acquisition
"Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens"

Marc Steyn

Head of Content


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